Author of “Rona The Glitterbug” a Covid-19 Keepsake


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Rona The Glitterbug


A Children’s Picture Book

Rona the Glitterbug is about our current coronavirus pandemic!

The year of 2020 will go down in history, and this book will be a keepsake to hold dearly with those memories! Children of this era will be grateful their parents added this story to their bookshelf.

Thinking into the future, when the children of today are Grandparents they will be asked. “Grandma/Grandpa, were you around when Coronavirus shut down the world?” At this moment, they will bring out a much-loved book called Rona the Glitterbug – a book that contains a unique little journal of their own experience, with a small account of their 5, 6, 7-year-old thoughts during this time.

We have been reading Rona the Glitterbug to my 3yr old for a few months during the publishing process, and he always uses the idea of having “Rona’s glitter” on objects around him. It’s a simple way for him to remember not to touch things right now. He also understands that Rona will go away at some point. That this isn’t forever.

Synopsis: Rona the Glitterbug needs to infect someone with her invisible, germy glitter so that she can save herself. She finds an unsuspecting source, and the glitter quickly spreads. The government steps in, and people need to stay at home. Everything is closed. The world has paused a while. But something marvelous is happening – the Earth, and it’s people are healing.

Has Rona separated us all, or united us? 

An incredible Children’s Picture book, illustrated by children, for children! Suitable for ages 3-9 years old.


Peek inside Rona The Glitterbug. 25 beautifully illustrated pages by children around Australia.

Includes a 3 page personal journal for you to document your own time during the Covid-19 crisis.

A page from your Journal
A page from your book
Meet some of the 20 illustrators.
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