“We love the illustrations and it makes Covid seem simple when everything is so confusing.” Logan, Tyson & Abbie. Qld.

“I like the pictures and the colours in the book.” Hunter, VIC

“I loved the book because it was creative, and beautiful, and wanting people to stay safe from the Corona Virus.” Emily, NSW

“Thank you for writing such a positive and uplifting book! Exactly what is needed in these uncertain times. As you can see, my daughter loves it and wants to read it to everyone.” Jessie & Humphrey, QLD

“I like how the illustrations had a lot of detail, and it taught me that you just have to stay calm during Covid and not panic about it.” Olivia, SA

“I like how people I know did the pictures and how it teaches you about stopping Rona.” April, SA

“I love this book so much because I love the creation of the pictures. This book tells me how to be safe and all about Rona.” Bridie, QLD


“We think that “Rona” makes it so much easier for us to really understand more about Corona  Virus 🦠 We also love the drawings and think it’s sooooo special!!” Angelina, Samuel & Olivia, QLD


“In a time that is so confusing for adults, many of us have failed to consider our children’s understanding of what’s going on. This book explains what the pandemic is, in a perfect way. A story that is written to help our children understand and not be frightened of the virus. My favourite part is actually the illustrations done by the authors friends and family. My kids (ages10&2) love reading it, we read it at least once a week. It’s a fantastic keep-sake for my children to look back on and say, remember when…..” Heylen & Zayne, SA..

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